Our Staff


Pella II is currently seeking a full-time pastor. Until the position is filled, we have service through many interim pastors.


Barbara Boertje DeVriesWorship Coordinator

Barbara Boertje DeVries has been serving as our Worship Coordinator since September, 2015.  She and her husband Jeff DeVries feel blessed to worship with the congregation of Pella II.  Please contact Barbara if you would like to be involved in the ministries of Adult Choir, Children’s Choir, Praise Band, Instrumental Music, Scripture Reading, and/or other kinds of worship ministry!



Ruth Van Hal has served as our church secretary for several years. She is an important part of our worship team and Secretary and Custodianshelps keep everything running. Ruth enjoys interacting with the congregation in her work. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, reading, and doing volunteer work.


Marilyn Vander Molen, with assistance of Robert Rus, is the custodian for Pella II. She keeps busy every week cleaning our church facilities and making sure everything is ready for service. When not dusting or vacuuming, Marilyn enjoys spending time with her grand kids.


Glenn Matherly* – 2018, Vicar of Council (780-7555)
Jon Van Woerkom – 2018, (780-2638)
Brad Veenstra – 2018, Clerk of Shepherding (780-4077)
Brent Pierson – 2019, Vice President of Council/Head of Sheherding (780-3456)
Jerry Uitermarkt* – 2019 (628-1144)
Lowell Vander Molen – 2019 (628-1303)
Wes Veenstra – 2019 (204-1956)
Ryan Hoekstra – 2020 (628-3964)
Calvin Roose* – 2020, Clerk of Council (780-8111)
Steve Roose – 2020 (780-6787)


Robert Rus – 2018, Chairman
Joe Van Haaften – 2018, Vicar of Deacons
Jonathan Van Haaften – 2018, Secretary
Bryan Harthoorn – 2019, Benevolence
Will Van Wyngarden* – 2019, President
Corey Magnussen – 2020, Treasurer
Steven Talsma – 2020, Special Funds

*Admin. Team

Any of the elders listed above can be called in times of illness or death or for any other church related matter.