PET Build

June 3, 2016

About 40 Pella II members showed up on June 3rd for the annual PET Build Day. Everything went very smoothly partly because we had some people come who had helped us in past years.

Getting a PET cart boxedBy 8:45 AM we had our first unit built, boxed, and ready to go to the warehouse and the flow continued all day.  The assembly line never really stopped.

The church supplied wonderful coffee times and lunch. We had great fun fellowshipping with each other.

It was great to see members of all ages helping produce carts that will change lives around the world. Each cart gives hope to another child of God.

The group in the wood shop manufactured 45 sets of boxes, side boards, and kick boards.

At exactly 4:00 PM we boxed up the 40th PET cart for the day.  I think that is a record for this group.

Two generations working on a cartThe sewing area was also very productive.  They sewed and finished 107 seat back covers.

A lot of painting was also done. It was impressive to see how everyone, young and not so young, hung in there and stayed on task.

It was amazing to see what the group was able to accomplish in a day.  It is also awesome to think that the Pella II family funded all of these units plus more by having the supper and auction for PET IA- Leighton. The funds that Pella II raises in a single evening cover roughly one third of our annual expenses.

Some of these units were part of a shipment of 182 PET Carts that were sent to World Vision last week.  Plans are being made to ship another container (125 Units) to Haiti later this year.  Many Hands For Haiti is planning another “ PET Trip” in February of 2017 if anyone wants to go on a distribution trip.

We are so blessed by what Pella II has done for the PET Project over the last several years.

Blessings to all of you.

By Pete and Carol Verhey